Getting Here – Sasa-ginni-gak Lodge and Northway Aviation


 There are many lodges who offer a great destination for your fly-in fishing trip. However, there is one aspect of your trip that can easily be over looked. How are you being flown into camp? How much do you know about the company that is providing the air service?

Northway Aviation is a professional airline that happens to do a lot of wilderness flying. We operate modern, efficient Cessna Caravan aircraft that are safe, reliable and provide a comfortable and quiet flight. These are modern float planes (built in 2005 & 2007) and have the most modern avionics available. All pilots fly professionally with Northway year-round and receive the highest standard of training in the industry.

The Caravans operate on amphibious floats so they can take you directly from the paved runway at St. Andrews Airport and land on the water of our spectacular wilderness lakes that you have chosen for your wilderness experience. Because we own the airline and the lodge, we have no set days. You can request to arrive and depart any day of the week, as long as the cabin you want is available.

We know your main goal is to have a great fishing experience, but our main goal is to get you to and from your destination not only when we say we will, but safely and professionally, so you enjoy every aspect of your experience from start to finish!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Lodge Located?

We are located in Manitoba, Canada. The lodge is located in the middle of Atikaki Provincial Wilderness Park which runs from the east edge of Lake Winnipeg to the Ontario border.

Where Do You Fly From?

We operate our year round air service, Northway Aviation Ltd., from the St. Andrews Airport, just 10 minutes north of the city of Winnipeg.

We operate Caravans on amphib floats and so depart from the paved runway at St. Andrews Airport on wheels and land on the water with floats at the lodge.

How Do I Get To St. Andrews Airport?

If you are driving up please see our website which provides a map and directions to our office. Free parking is available.

If you are arriving by air into Winnipeg International Airport we can arrange to pick you up with our  passenger van service (this must be arranged in advance).

What Time are Flights To & From the Lodge?

Generally all lodge and outcamp flights depart from St. Andrews at 5:00 am each morning. Flight times can vary depending on how many fishermen we have travelling on any given morning. If your flight is arranged for any other time other than 5:00 am we will inform you ahead of time. Please arrive one hour before your departure time.

Can I Choose My Flight Departure Time?

You cannot request a certain flight time. All flights are pre-arranged by Northway based on the number of passengers traveling each day. You will be notified of your exact departure time specific to your group. Please arrive a minimum of one hour before your given departure time. Northway Aviation is an airline operating daily scheduled service to other destinations and any delays to our morning charters to the lodge will delay many people through-out the day. Groups arriving past the one hour cut-off time may have to wait until the end of the day to be flown to their destination.

How Much Luggage/Weight Am I Allowed?

You are allowed 100 lbs per person at no extra charge for all of our lakes. If there are 4 people in your group you are allowed a combined weight of 400 lbs. Excess baggage rates are charged for flights to sas. If all of your gear does not fit on the aircraft you may be assessed charter rates if an extra flight is required to bring all of your gear to camp.

If Our Stay is Longer or We Have More People Are We Allowed More Luggage?

No, regardless of number of days or number of people, the allowable baggage weight remains the same – 100 lbs per person.

Is Carry-on Baggage Allowed On The Plane?

Carry-on baggage is NOT allowed on any of our flights. Due to Transport Canada safety regulations all bags must be stowed in a secure area (behind the cargo net at the back of the aircraft or in the float compartments). If you have fragile items please ask them to be labelled “Fragile” when you arrive and have your gear weighed. If you are carrying items such as a laptop you can ask the pilot to load it at the time of boarding.

Do We Have To Pay Excess Baggage Fees If We Bring Back More Than Our Allowable Weight Limit?

This should not be an issue if you have planned appropriately. The consumable products you have taken with you, should now have been consumed and should bring you within your allowable weight limit. You should only be bringing back the basics – your personal items & fishing gear. You should plan to only be taking as many consumables with you as you will need for your stay and not be bringing excessive amounts of food or beverages back on your return flight. You are welcome to leave leftover food and beverages with the staff at the lodge.

Are We Allowed To Bring Pets?

Yes, but they must be kenneled for all flights and under your control at all times. Their weight (kennel and dog) will be included as part of your total baggage weight. You will be responsible for any & all damages incurred.

Have any questions before booking?

Don’t hesitate and get in touch!