The Ultimate Fishing Experience Awaits at
Sasa-Ginni-Gak Lodge

When it comes to fishing on a remote lake, we want your experience to be exactly what you want! We want you to be able to choose the times you come and go and to fish as much or as little as you please. Non-guided fishing is one of the reasons we describe our lodge as the “the lodge that’s not a lodge”. But never worry that un-guided means unsupported. Our lakes are easily navigated. Any help or instruction you need is available when the pilot drops you off at the Outcamp or from our staff at Sas.

If this is your first time running your own boat and outboard motor, you will be shown everything you need to know. We provide maps of the lake and we will point out hot spots to try. Every evening your boats are cleaned and fuel tanks filled (and during the day as needed). We want you to be safe and enjoy your time on the water!

The non-guided fishing experience has always been the norm at our lodge and our guests have had great success again and again! We feel confident that you will get more enjoyment from your trip by planning your own routes, and having privacy and freedom during your stay with us.

New Boats, Motors, GPS Units & Docks


  • 16 foot Alumacraft boats
  • Folding boat seats
  • Live well
  • Flat floor front to back


  • NEW 30hp Yamaha
  • Electric start
  • Electronic fuel injection


  • Helix 5 Sonar GPS


  • Finger Docks have been added to all Sasa-Ginni-Gak cabin waterfronts.
  • Fish species found at Sasa-ginni-gak Lake
    walleye fishing


    Walleye are one of the tastiest fish you can catch in Manitoba. Walleyes vary in colour depending on the waters they live in. In tea stained bog fed rivers and lakes like at Sasaginnigak they are a distinct dark green-to-gold colour. This fish has large, whitish glossy eyes and strong, sharp teeth. There is one large dark spot or blotch near the base on the last two to three spines of the back dorsal fin.

    Manitoba waters produce one of the most consistent populations of Walleye in North America. Anglers will commonly look for spots where there is a good “walleye chop” (rough water). The Walleye has excellent vision which allows the fish to populate the deeper regions in a lake. They can often be found in deeper water, particularly during the warmest part of the summer. Walleye can weigh in at up to over 20 lbs!

    The largest Walleye recorded in the Manitoba Master Angler Awards for Sasaginnigak was a 34″ fish caught in 2014.

    Fishing Pike

    Northern Pike

    The Northern Pike is one of the most common and widely found fish in Manitoba. They are a favourite with anglers for both their size and their ability to put a hearty fight on the hook.

    The elongated pike has a long head that ends in large duckbill shaped jaws with canine teeth. The dorsal fin is located far back on the body. Colour changes but is usually bluish-green to grey on its back with irregular rows of light yellow or gold spots on sides. In larger lakes and rivers, Northern Pike will attain a length of 3 – 5 feet and typically weigh over 40 lbs.

    The Northern Pike is a voracious feeder and one of the most predatory fishes in our waters. Pike favour moving slowly in heavily vegetated areas and as the season progresses they will move deeper.

    The largest Northern recorded in the Manitoba Master Angler Awards for Sasaginnigak was 51” from 1998.

    Fishing Lake Trout

    Lake Trout

    Manitoba’s lake trout have set an example for being one of the most attainable “big game” angling experiences available. Lake Trout are a beautiful large fish with a deeply forked tail and light spots on the flesh. They are found predominantly in cold, clear deep lakes with well-oxygenated water with in the Canadian Shield area. In summer you can find them at depths of up to 100 feet. To catch one, try trolling with spoons or jigging with cut fish or deep water spoons.

    Lake Trout will put up a determined fight and give you a battle you will not soon forget! Prepare for big hits, big runs and big battles when trying to catch these giants of the deep.

    Lake Trout can reach an average length of 24–36 inches (61–91 centimetres), however 15 to 40 pound fish are not uncommon. This beautiful species can be caught at our Charron Lake Outcamp.

    Other lesser species in Sasaginnigak Lake that can be found and are fun to catch are Rock Bass, Sauger, Sucker and Yellow Perch. Sasaginnigak Lake has also had Whitefish in it, but it is a very elusive species and not seen for many years at a time. If you are a fan of freshwater fishing, then Sasaginnigak Lake is the perfect location for a fishing trip of a lifetime!

    Catch & Release

    Fishing at Sasa-ginni-gak Lodge

    Maintaining a healthy fishery is of high importance to us. Our lakes (except for Charron) are High Quality Management Waters which means that they have reduced possession and size limits to protect and maintain high quality fisheries. Conservation limits must be adhered to for these lakes. In addition we request that while you may eat fish while staying with us, please do not take any fish home with you. Please see the provincial fishing guide for full fishing regulations (we are under Northeast Division).


    • Play your fish as little as possible.
    • Return it to the water quickly.
    • Don’t hold it by the eyes or gills.
    • Don’t squeeze its belly.
    • Never release fish that have been held on a stringer.

    These conservation methods will help ensure a healthy fishery for future generations.

    Fish Filleting

    Fish Filleting

    We provide filleting tables at all camps. At Sas (and Charron Lake) there are also screened in filleting sheds. We do not officially provide fish filleting services but our camp staff at Sas are often able to provide filleting for you for a small fee.

    Sasa-Ginni-Gak Walleye

    Fishing Licenses

    If you plan to fish, you need a fishing license. Please purchase your license before you depart on your trip We are no longer a fishing license vendor and all licenses must be purchased online and printed at home before you come fishing. You can a purchase an angling license online or over the telephone by calling the Government of Manitoba E-Licensing Help Desk at 1-877-880-1203.

    Kids do not require a fishing license if they are fishing with an adult who has a license. But the adult and child fishing on that license are only allowed the one limit for that license. If a child would like to keep their own full limit, then they require their own license.

    We can provide you with bait (minnows) but need to know in advance of your trip. The more notice the better!

    The Department of Conservation does visit our lake and check for licenses, as well as other things like number of fish in your possession, barbed hooks, fish kept over limit sizes, etc.

    Other Frequently Asked Questions


    The boat fuel cost is included in the accommodation rate.


    Yes we do. New for 2017 all of our boats are equipped with Helix 5 Sonar GPS units.


    No we do not, however our friendly staff can help point you in the right direction.

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